On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 10:41:16AM -0400, Krzys wrote:
> I was  just wondering of why someone might choose Sparse vs. Whole Root 
> Zones, 
> what are the benefits of one over the other, I need to decide in my new data 
> center which one should I be using since there is no easy way to switching 
> between them after they are created at least from Sun's support perspective. 
> So 
> when I set my standard of creating zones I have to make sure that I have no 
> need 
> to going from the one that is selected into the other if such would be 
> required... So in other words I wanted to cover all benefits for both and 
> chose 
> best alternative for my standards.

We have just one general rule: install in sparse-root zone unless
installed software (application) requires the whole-root zone.

So far the rule is always working correctly :-)


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