I was away a couple of days, but still wanted to comment.

Darren Reed schrieb:
> Something that really annoys me with zoneadm is that the syntax
> for its command line is different to the other new commands, ie
> the subommand comes after the zone name and the zone name
> needs to have a -z before it.
> ugh.
> So I went and looked at zoneadm.c - it seems well enough
> structured to make hacking easy..
> The attached diffs modify zoneadm to work like this:
> zoneadm boot fred

But your change becomes counterintuitive (IMHO), when subcommand options 
are used. The result certainly doesn't fit any commandline standard 
(CLIP, etc) I know. The distinction between operands and arguments get 
blurred when they are positioned in arbitrary places. Typical syntax for 
command with subcommands and arguments, would be

   zoneadm detach -n fred

rather than

   zoneadm detach fred -n

OTOH a change that puts the zonename at the end is less obvious to do in 
the code and results in less obvious syntax for subcommands that have 
argument lists of their own, for example reboot:

   zoneadm reboot fred [ boot-args ]
   zoneadm reboot -- fred [ boot-args ]
   zoneadm reboot fred [-- boot-args ]

Whichof those is best/acceptable/misleading?

And the interaction with global options also is non-obvious. Why do you 

   zoneadm mark fred incomplete

(N.B: not 'zoneadm mark incomplete fred')
but not

   zoneadm -R /someroot mark fred incomplete

> At present my ability to test seems to be being challenged
> by networks problems/outages here at Sun, so please forgive
> me if there are some bugs (obvious or otherwise.)

One obvious bug with the change is that the new setroot function doesn't 
use its 'arg' argument, but instead operates directly on the global optarg.

- Jörg

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