James Carlson wrote:

>Darren Reed writes:
>>2) it would seem the next place worth going is:
>>  zoneadm <subcommand> [all options]
>>3) but what I'd rather do is:
>>  zoneadm <subcommand> <zonename> [all-options-except -z]
>You might want to review the CLIP specification and companion, as the
>above goal seems to be out of step -- options are supposed to go
>before the operand, not trailing after:
>  http://opensolaris.org/os/community/arc/caselog/2006/062/spec-clip-html/
>I'm not really a fan of CLIP, but I am a fan of consistency.  To the
>degree we can manage it, we shouldn't have individual utilities
>striking out to explore new command line syntax territory.

CLIP delivered us inetadm, zoneadm and svcadm all new in Solaris 10.

Given the disparity between these three new commands, I'm going
to declare CLIP a failure and that we should just ignore it.

>I'm still really unclear on what problem we're solving.  Is it just
>that zlogin has a command line that behaves like rlogin (needing no
>option to select "host"), and that zoneadm/zonecfg use an option to
>specify the same thing.

The problem is the lack of consistency between *adm commands.

inetadm should probably be whacked as well - if we care about it enough.


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