On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 06:19:30PM +0200, Joerg Barfurth wrote:
> Nicolas Williams schrieb:
> >zoneadm <subcommand> [<all-options>]
> That surely is a much easier change - and easy to do compatibly, if you 
> allow global options both before and after the subcommand.
> But Darren apparently much prefers not having to use an 'extraneous' 
> option letter to designate the main object of the command (which is the 
> zone). It is the attempt to morph this from option argument to operand 
> that makes this complicated.

I see.  I think the zone argument shouldn't become an operand.  It
should remain an option argument.  I realize that the FMRI argument in
svcadm is an operand, not an option argument; similarly with the link
argument for dladm, etc...  But c'est la vie.

The thing is that for *some* zoneadm commands the zonename cannot become
an operand that is given last, e.g., "boot"; and "install" depends on
how the brand in question works.  And so on.  So, IMO it's too late to
make the change that Darren wants, or at least to make it consistently.

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