On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 5:07 PM, Ethan Quach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hey Jerry,
> I just thought about something regarding the zones dataset
> namespace.  Instead of creating the dataset for zone roots at:
>        rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ZBE1
> Maybe we should insert the "roped off" ROOT container dataset
> like we do in the global zone:
>        rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT/ZBE1
> so that we confine the place where we know boot environment roots
> live.  The reason we do this is in the global zone is so that we
> don't have to troll through potentially thousands of datasets
> (sorting out whatever's been created in the shared area) to find
> BE roots.  This same problem would occur in the zone BE namespace.
> Thoughts?

rpool/ROOT seems to be redundant and it repeats itself.  :)

In the global zone, rpool/ROOT makes sense because there needs rpool
and ROOT perform different duties.  In a non-global zone,
rpool/export/zones/z1 is equivalent to the global zone's rpool.  To
maximize synergies (and end abuse of /export - see filesystem(5)), I

This is the equivalent of the global zone's rpool.  Or in an
environment where there is a pool per zone, it may be z1pool.


This is managed by zoneadm and beadm.  If all goes well, they both use
libzonecfg to minimize the chance of divergence.


The rest are available for use within the zone and may be mounted other places


Mike Gerdts
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