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And from the SVM world:



Mike Gerdts wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 5:07 PM, Ethan Quach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hey Jerry,
>> I just thought about something regarding the zones dataset
>> namespace.  Instead of creating the dataset for zone roots at:
>>        rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ZBE1
>> Maybe we should insert the "roped off" ROOT container dataset
>> like we do in the global zone:
>>        rpool/export/zones/z1/rpool/ROOT/ZBE1
>> so that we confine the place where we know boot environment roots
>> live.  The reason we do this is in the global zone is so that we
>> don't have to troll through potentially thousands of datasets
>> (sorting out whatever's been created in the shared area) to find
>> BE roots.  This same problem would occur in the zone BE namespace.
>> Thoughts?
> rpool/ROOT seems to be redundant and it repeats itself.  :)
> In the global zone, rpool/ROOT makes sense because there needs rpool
> and ROOT perform different duties.  In a non-global zone,
> rpool/export/zones/z1 is equivalent to the global zone's rpool.  To
> maximize synergies (and end abuse of /export - see filesystem(5)), I
> suggest:
> This is the equivalent of the global zone's rpool.  Or in an
> environment where there is a pool per zone, it may be z1pool.
> rpool/zones/z1
> This is managed by zoneadm and beadm.  If all goes well, they both use
> libzonecfg to minimize the chance of divergence.
> rpool/zones/z1/ROOT
> rpool/zones/z1/ROOT/be1
> rpool/zones/z1/ROOT/be2
> The rest are available for use within the zone and may be mounted other places
> rpool/zones/z1/*

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