On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 17:16 +0100, Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Q: Can I configure my zones on a ZFS filesystem?

Thanks for everybody's feedback on this.  I would like to update the
Zones FAQ at opensolaris.org with the information.  Before I do this I
would like to confirm I have understood the answers correctly and
clarify a further point:

1. Zones are supported on ZFS (including zonepath)
2. Patching Zones on ZFS is supported (with patch 119254/119255
3. Upgrading Zones on ZFS (with LiveUpgrade) is NOT supported (but u6
should bring this functionality)

Is upgrading the global zone and local zone (on ZFS) supported via
installing the latest recommended patch cluster (e.g. to go from u4 to
u5)?  I expect the answer is yes (as it is just patching) but I want to
be sure before updating the FAQ

Many thanks, Lewis

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