Comments, mostly on libbe ...

General comment -  Since we don't yet support boot environments
within a zone, beadm should fail gracefully when run in a zone, like:

    # beadm <subcommand>
    beadm is not supported in a zone.

rather then trying to do something and failing miserably.  Most of
the if(GLOBAL_ZONEID) checks we have in libbe now are really
just primers for when we build in that support.

333 - SUNWinstall -> SUNWbeadm
126 - BE_ERR_NO_ACTIVE_ROOT should be in here.

136 - initialize to { 0 }

169-199 - This whole chunk needs to be encapsulated inside a
    if (GLOBAL) {


215-221, 241-245 - These two chunks seem like they could be
moved up into the if (GLOBAL) {} from 169.

With some refactoring, the zfs_promote() calls in set_canmount()
could probably be ripped out and replaced by calls to be_promote_zone_ds()
(renamed to something more generic like be_promote_ds() of course).
I never understood why the zfs_promote() calls were hidden in the
set_canmount() function anyway.  If we don't get to this per the code
review changes, please file a bug to track this.

972-1023 - This whole chunk can be removed if you replace 1025-1026
with a direct call to the callback giving it the root dataset of the 
zone BE.

    i.e. replace 1025-1026 with:

    if (be_promote_sub_ds_callback(z_zhp, NULL) != 0) {

1028 - remove "subordinate"

Rename the following functions to be more generic:
    be_promote_zone_ds() -->  be_promote_ds()
    be_promote_sub_ds_callback()  -->  be_promote_ds_callback()

1880 - future

1878-1883 - this comment needs to be removed.  It doesn't apply to
this section of code.

1884 - within the context of this function - that is, code running in the
global zone that's processing non-global zones - this if() can be removed,
along with 1895.

1944 - A comment stating this is getting the uuid of the newly cloned
parent BE would be nice.

2772-2774 - Missing function block comment.

117 - "not" -> "no"
177 - Remove this line; its not used anywhere.


Evan Layton wrote:
> Hello All,
> We're down to the wire on the zone support changes to SNAP upgrade and are 
> looking for code review comments. We'll be taking comments up until COB 
> Tuesday 
> October 7th. Your comments are as always welcome and appreciated.
> Defect 3686 is the blocker bug that was submitted to cover this work and the 
> webrev is available at:
> Thank you in advance for your comments and help!
> -evan
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