Christine Tran wrote:
> Cross-posted, pardon me for duplicates.
> I'm building a system starting with SUNWCrnet, it needs zones and TX.
>    x [P] SUNWj5rt             JDK 5.0 Runtime Env. (1.5.0_14)
> I wonder if the X Window, Motif, CDE and Text Layout is *really*
> necessary.  I don't have a problem adding pools and the two admin
> packages.  Other boxes built without these packages have worked fine
> so far.  However, eventually they will need support, and I don't want
> to be in that place where I have to explain why a headless box that
> runs no graphics needs X, and un-supportability.

I would guess that the Java Runtime is the reason for the dependencies
on the X, Motif & CDE library packages, since there aren't separate
packages for "Just enough JRE to run-non-GUI Java apps" and "JRE support
for Java GUI apps".

Those libraries are for X clients, so would also be needed if you want
to ssh to the machine and remote display a GUI app back to another
computer - if you're on Solaris 10 or later, the X servers for local
display are in SUNWxorg-server and SUNWxsun-server, which didn't appear
to be in your list.

        -Alan Coopersmith- 
         Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

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