David Smith writes:
> I have about a dozen zones on a system.  During the creation of some of the 
> early zones, I was wondering why my sparse zones were so large.  I found out 
> that the /opt area was being copied, so
> I updated the default template to make /opt an inherited directory for the 
> remaining (about half) the zones on the system.   Now I would like to covert 
> the zones with "full" /opt directories to inherited.  Can this be done fairly 
> easily?    What about patches which may have been applied which affect the 
> /opt area on these zones?  Would it be better to re-install these zones?  Any 
> advise you could recommend about best course of action would be appreciated.

I'd reinstall the zones.  We don't currently have a documented (or
practical) way to change a directory from regular to inherited or

As for the rest, packaging and patching understand how to deal with
inherited directories, and inside a zone they skip over objects that
are installed there (because the objects will have been installed in
the global zone).

I could be mistaken about this, but I *think* that the only tested
configurations are the default 'sparse root' and -b 'whole root' ones;
I don't know of any mix-n-match testing with inherited product
directories, so you might be skating out onto a thinner section of the

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