The answer is no.

5065254 NFS/UFS deadlock when system is both NFS server and client



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from its own global zone?

Hi Niko,
  this thread had 150 hits in the last three weeks, the topic is in the FAQ
since 2005, and the question comes about every 9 months or so.  So it seems
it would be a desired feature!     I expect it would be most utilized in
shops who have thousands of automount map entries, and hundreds or thousands
of boxes they would like to put in branded-zones. 

People would otherwise ask "why not just run (solaris: automountd) or linux:
well, autofs4 crashes,  autofs5 does not seem to work with the brandz
fake-kernel, and well, it's just plain silly to run 100 seperate autofs
daemons under containers, when lofs and some "idmapd like thing" would
satisfy the problem.

[...on with the advocacy hat...] 
Resource-controls on a brand-z container, minimal OS overhead, and 64 bit
support someday.
  I think those are the keys needed win a bakeoff with an outcome of  "linux
containers under Solaris is 200% more efficient than any other
virtualization when consolidating 100 vm's to one physical machine."     
To demonstrate this, imagine a Linux (or Solaris)  image with a 5000 entry
automount map, and 100 VM's kicking the automount daemon every 15 minutes to
scan for new mounts, running 100 Kernels and name service daemons under
vmware or xen.... Think of the I/O and CPU overhead for an otherwise  idle

I would pay for Subscriptions & Support for Opensolaris 2009.6 if it had it
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