After removing NFS, we got yet another corruption - I just heard they
use Samba on this file system. So, let me ask the question - Samba is
supported in zone, running on LOFS - is this correct?



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Hello Vladi,

Yes you can use LOFS to all your zones to share the file system 
providing r/w access. I would even say that this is your BEST option.

NFS mount in your local zones of a file system shared by the global zone

is absolutely not supported (including autofs access of course).


On 06/29/09 18:25, Yanakiev, Vladimir wrote:
> Need a help with a problem. We have VxFS file system, created in a
> global zone, and mounted under non-global zone as LOFS. Later, two new
> zones were created on the same server, that needed access to the very
> same file system. Someone decided to NFS-shareout this file system
> the global zone, and NFS mount it on these two new zones. This (to my
> understanding) after few weeks corrupted bravely the file system, and
> today we experienced the same for second time.
> My question is - can I keep the file system in the global zone, loop
> back it (with LOFS) to all three zones, providing r/w access to all of
> them, without risk to corrupt it again?
> Thanks in advance for the help!
> Vladi
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