I just tried to update my zones to snv_124 in the manner you describe.  Here's 
what I see:

/usr/sbin/beadm create opensolaris_124
/usr/sbin/beadm mount opensolaris_124 /mnt
/usr/bin/pkg -R /mnt image-update
/usr/sbin/bootadm update-archive -R /mnt
zoneadm -R /mnt -z master detach
zoneadm: zone 'master': cannot detach zone in alternate root

I then  tried:
zoneadm -z master detach                                                        
which worked however:
zoneadm -R /mnt -z master attach -u                                             
zoneadm: zone 'master': cannot attach zone in alternate root

So this is a bug in the ipkg brand, yes?
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