> I  then ran:
> $ mount |grep '/zones/master'
> /zones/master on rpool/zones/master
> read/write/setuid/devices/nonbmand/exec/xattr/atime/de
> v=2d9003d on Thu Sep 24 16:03:05 2009
> /mnt/zones/master on /zones/master read
> only/setuid/devices/nosub/dev=2d9003d on Wed Sep 30
> 14:17:47 2009
> /mnt/zones/master/root on
> rpool/zones/master/ROOT/zbe-2
> read/write/setuid/devices/nonbmand/exec/xattr/atime/de
> v=2d90056 on Wed Sep 30 14:17:47 2009
> It is unclear to me why those zfs filesystems are
> mounted.

BTW, I ended up running umount on all the master related mounts above
then run "zoneadm -z master attach" which succeeded and my master zone is
now functional in my currently active opensolaris_123 BE.  I will wait
to update my zones to snv_124 when the opensolaris_124 BE is currently

As an aside there appears to be a bug in /usr/lib/brand/ipkg/attach,
line 129:
        if [ $aarg -eq 1 -o $rarg -eq 1 -o $allow_update -eq 1 ]; then

If I use the -n arg but on -u arg to the activate command it causes the
if clause above to be executed but allow_update is not set so complains
about the [] test.
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