xx wrote:
init...@dogpatch:/virtualbox# zoneadm -z csuite install -a ./s10.cpio -u
WARNING: skipping network interface 'vnic0_3' which may not be present/plumbed 
in the global zone.
A ZFS file system has been created for this zone.
      Log File: /var/tmp/csuite.install_log.79aGOA
Error: Unknown archive format. Must be a flash archive, a cpio archive (can 
also be gzipped or bzipped), a pax XUSTAR archive, or a level 0 ufsdump archive.
ERROR: Installation aborted.

do i need to label it as a cpio archive somehow?

I think you've hit a bug in the code.  Can you re-run the
command with an absolute path to the flar.


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