i've never tried this, but i'd recommend figuring out if gdm can be run
as an xdmcp server.

optionally, you could also run Xvnc within the zone.

or you could ssh -X to the zone and remote display your apps.

if you're tring to run gdm in the zone to access local hardware
(graphics card, keyboard, mouse, etc) that will be a difficult, since X
now uses hal (which depends on dbus) to discover hardware.  i'm not sure
how you could work around this (my X foo is not that strong).


On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 04:54:19PM +0100, Paul van der Zwan wrote:
> Is it possible to run GDM inside a zone on b131 ? I would like to have a zone 
> I can use to run stuff like netbeans etc in, and
> I don’t want to use the global zone for that.
> As far as I can tell the gdm smf service depends on dbus and that is marked 
> as global zone only.
> One more complication is that gdm is missing the old dtlogin option to select 
> a remote host to connect to.
> Or is that option hidden/disabled by default ?
>       Paul
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