On 2 feb 2010, at 00:54, Brian Cameron wrote:

> Paul:
>> Is it possible to run GDM inside a zone on b131 ? I would like to have a 
>> zone I can use to run stuff like netbeans etc in, and
>> I don’t want to use the global zone for that.
> It would think that it should be possible, though I have not tried it
> myself.
>> As far as I can tell the gdm smf service depends on dbus and that is marked 
>> as global zone only.
> I do not believe that GDM depends on the system D-Bus service.  Instead,
> D-Bus and ConsoleKit communicate with each other via D-Bus.  So, it
> depends on D-Bus, but not the system D-Bus instance.

Well , according to the default SMF configuration it seems to.
Maybe this is a bogus dependency but that’s the way the system is configured by 
I’ll see what happens if I delete the dependency from SMF.

> So, this should not be an issue, I'd think.  If anything, there may be
> an issue with the battery status applet in GDM not working properly if
> it cannot connect to the system D-Bus, though that may not be an issue
> if you are using a server that does not run on a battery.
It is on a server so that applet would not be useful anyway.

>> One more complication is that gdm is missing the old dtlogin option to 
>> select a remote host to connect to.
>> Or is that option hidden/disabled by default ?
> The new GDM does support running as an XDMCP server and supports
> running XDMCP clients via indirect queries.  However, it currently does
> not support the ability to launch the XDMCP chooser from the login
> screen.  This is a known regression:
>  https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=592976
Is there anything I need to configure to have gdm be an XDMCP server ? 
Is there any other way to connect to a xdmcp server from gdm  ?

> Brian

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