On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 06:48:00PM -0800, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
> > if you're tring to run gdm in the zone to access local hardware
> > (graphics card, keyboard, mouse, etc) that will be a difficult, since X
> > now uses hal (which depends on dbus) to discover hardware.  i'm not sure
> > how you could work around this (my X foo is not that strong).
> Xorg only uses HAL to find input devices, and that can be overridden in 
> xorg.conf.

good to know.

> I'd think the lack of access in a local zone to the devices in /dev that X
> requires would be a much bigger obstacle (and rightly so, since letting those
> into a local zone would allow that zone to take over the computer - it's bad
> enough that /dev/xsvc exists at all in the global zone, much less giving a
> local zone access to directly control every PCI device on the computer,
> including all your NIC's and storage controllers).

very true.

i made my comment because i know that in the past some folks had thrown
security concerns to the wind, added a bunch of devices to a zone, and
run the X server from the zone.  it's not a supported config, we don't
document it, we don't recommend it, i've never done it, but iirc at some
point in the past people made it work.  i should have qualified my
statements about this configuration a bit more...

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