James Strachan wrote:
Incidentally a totally different thought; whats gonna be the split
between whats the static website (e.g. Forrest) versus stuff thats in
the wiki versus documentation that goes inside each release? Its often
a kinda slippery slope figuring out which bit does what

Official documentation for end-users is in subversion (Forrest). This is vetted by the release process.

Un-official, typically user-generated documentation whose accuracy, copyright, etc. is not guaranteed by the project goes in the wiki.

The wiki is also used for some developer documentation that is not intended for end users, e.g., HowToRelease, HowToContribute, etc. These could migrate into the project's official website (repos/asf/hadoop/zookeeper/site) if we like.

and its a PITA
moving content into different formats to move between them; so while
no tool is perfect, I kinda like that with confluence there's just one
place to put docs and you can then slice and dice as you see fit

Sure, it would be convenient if these were all in a common format, but, as mentioned before, Confluence would make it harder to manage branched documentation.


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