2008/7/22 Hiram Chirino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Lol.. Apache infrastructure supports multiple wiki backends.  It's up
> to the project to pick which one you want to you.  You currently have
> picked MoinMoin, but you could have easily picked Confluence, just
> like these other Apache projects did:
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/dashboard.action

FWIW I've been on plenty of apache projects that started on MoinMoin,
then realised down the line how much better Confluence is - then went
through the wiki migration pain.

Tools like wikis are personal things; and folks tend to prefer to use
the tool they know. But its worth seriously thinking about which wiki
you want up front - before you realise down the line that you wanna
switch. Just because the rest of hadoop uses MoinMoin doesn't mean you
have to follow suit; all wikis can link to each other nicely. And
there might be some hadoop folks who are not exactly head over heals
about MoinMoin.

All I'm gonna say is I've used both heavily and far prefer Confluence
hands down; it means you can avoid all the Forest stuff; Confluence
can auto-export its content to make a rather nice static HTML site for
you; keeping your website and wiki clean, updated and fresh. Plus you
can then reuse the same wiki markup inside your issue tracker (JIRA) -
so you don't need to remember multiple wiki formats. Finally, there's
great JIRA macros in confluence for creating lovely release notes in
your website; or the snippet macros to link to fragments of test cases
in your online documentation (so your documentation gets unit tested).

Having said all that - its up to you guys to pick something you're
happy with - so I'll bow out now and leave you to it :)


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