this is great to hear. it's great to see siblings playing together ;)

* In CXF we use Maven to build everything. To depend on Zookeeper we
need to pull it in from a Maven repository. I couldn't find Zookeeper
in any main Maven repos, so currently we're pulling it in from (a private repo), which is
not ideal. Would there be any chance of getting the zookeeper.jar file
deployed to one of the main Maven repo's (e.g.
yeah this is an increasing thorn in our side. some of us would like to convert to maven, but we are tied to the hadoop build process since we reuse all of their build/test infrastructure. we will probably be using ivy to connect to maven repositories.
* To use Zookeeper from within OSGi it has to be turned into an OSGi
bundle. Doing this is not hard and it's currently done in our
buildsystem [1]. However, I think it would make sense to have this
done somewhere in the Zookeeper buildsystem. Matter of fact I think
you should be able to release a single zookeeper.jar that's both an
ordinary jar and an OSGi bundle so it would work in both cases...
i completely agree. please open a jira and submit a patch.
* The Zookeeper server is currently started with the
script, but I think it would make sense to also allow it to run inside
an OSGi container, simply by starting a bundle. Has anyone ever done
any work in this regard? If not I'm planning to spend some time and
try to make this work.
we have a current open jira about making it possible to embed the zookeeper server in other applications. the big problem is the System.exits that we have sprinkled around. it shouldn't be hard to make happen since we start and stop the server in our unit tests.
* BTW I made some Windows versions of the zkCli/zkEnv/zkServer
scripts. Interested in taking these?
excellent. please submit a jira and patch!

i'm so glad you are working on this. i've been thinking for a long time that ZooKeeper would fit really well with OSGi, but i haven't had time to work on it. thank you!


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