Seriously though, if you do pick this up feel free to ping us if you have questions. 425 should be easy for you (it's just updating the build.xml afaict?) but 575 is a bit tricky. We've removed some sysexits where it's been simple, however at least one of the ones that's left is tricky - the tricky part being to ensure the "server" shuts down in the case of catastrophic failure (failfast). I'd love to see these two jiras go in.


Patrick wrote:
Ok - I get the message :)
Let me see if I can do some experimenting around running the zookeeper
server in OSGi and I'll report back...


2009/11/10 Patrick Hunt <>
I couldn't find a JIRA for removing the sys exits so I created one:

there's also this which seems like it should be easy for someone
who knows osgi container jar format requirements:

Now we just need to find someone who's interested and who would really like to 
run the server in his osgi container to work on these... (hint hint) ;-)


Ted Dunning wrote:
Running ZK in an OSGi container is a great idea and should be really easy to
make happen.

This should be a new JIRA, in my opinion.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 12:10 PM, <> wrote:

Just wondering has any progress been made on this since? I would really
to run the ZooKeeper server as a bundle in my OSGi container. Is there a
JIRA to track this? If not I can create one :)

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