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2009/5/29 Benjamin Reed <br...@yahoo-inc.com>:
> this is great to hear. it's great to see siblings playing together ;)
>> * In CXF we use Maven to build everything. To depend on Zookeeper we
>> need to pull it in from a Maven repository. I couldn't find Zookeeper
>> in any main Maven repos, so currently we're pulling it in from
>> http://people.apache.org/~chirino/zk-repo (a private repo), which is
>> not ideal. Would there be any chance of getting the zookeeper.jar file
>> deployed to one of the main Maven repo's (e.g.
>> http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/)?
> yeah this is an increasing thorn in our side. some of us would like to
> convert to maven, but we are tied to the hadoop build process since we reuse
> all of their build/test infrastructure. we will probably be using ivy to
> connect to maven repositories.

That sounds great. Please let me know when this is operational!

>> * To use Zookeeper from within OSGi it has to be turned into an OSGi
>> bundle. Doing this is not hard and it's currently done in our
>> buildsystem [1]. However, I think it would make sense to have this
>> done somewhere in the Zookeeper buildsystem. Matter of fact I think
>> you should be able to release a single zookeeper.jar that's both an
>> ordinary jar and an OSGi bundle so it would work in both cases...
> i completely agree. please open a jira and submit a patch.

I have created ZOOKEEPER-425 that contains all that we use in our
maven-based build. It should also give you a starting point if you're

>> * The Zookeeper server is currently started with the zkServer.sh
>> script, but I think it would make sense to also allow it to run inside
>> an OSGi container, simply by starting a bundle. Has anyone ever done
>> any work in this regard? If not I'm planning to spend some time and
>> try to make this work.
> we have a current open jira about making it possible to embed the zookeeper
> server in other applications. the big problem is the System.exits that we
> have sprinkled around. it shouldn't be hard to make happen since we start
> and stop the server in our unit tests.

Great - what's the JIRA number of this one so I can track it? I'm
willing to help here, but it looks like there are some other issues
that needs to be fixed first :)

>> * BTW I made some Windows versions of the zkCli/zkEnv/zkServer
>> scripts. Interested in taking these?
> excellent. please submit a jira and patch!


> i'm so glad you are working on this. i've been thinking for a long time that
> ZooKeeper would fit really well with OSGi, but i haven't had time to work on
> it. thank you!

Yes, seems like a good fit. Once the server is a little more OSGi
friendly we could potentially even make it super-friendly by
integrating with the OSGi Config Admin service for configuration. I
think that would be a really nice way to configure it (and it could be
used in addition to the file-based config that's there today).



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