Hi Ben

Well, im just wondering why the server's own unique IP-address isn't
good enough as a valid identifyer; it strikes me to be a bit
exhausting to manually set the id for each server in the cluster. Or
maybe there is some details im not getting here  :-)

Regards, Orjan

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Benjamin Reed <br...@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
> can you clarify what you are asking for? are you just looking for
> motivation? or are you trying to find out how to use it?
> the myid file just has the unique identifier (number) of the server in the
> cluster. that number is matched against the id in the configuration file.
> there isn't much to say about it:
> http://hadoop.apache.org/zookeeper/docs/r3.2.1/zookeeperStarted.html
> ben
> Ørjan Horpestad wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Can someone pin-point me to a site (or please explain ) where I can
>> read about the use of the myid-file for configuring the id of the
>> ZooKeeper servers?
>> I'm sure there is a good reason for using this approach, but it is the
>> first time I have come over this type of non-automatic way for
>> administrating replicas.
>> Regards, Orjan

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