hi, Ted,

Thanks for the reply.  Here is what I did:

[zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 0] ls 
zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 1] ls 
[msg0000002807, msg0000002700, msg0000002701, msg0000002804, msg0000002704, 
msg0000002706, msg0000002601, msg0000001849, msg0000001847, msg0000002508, 
msg0000002609, msg0000001841, msg0000002607, msg0000002606, msg0000002604, 
msg0000002809, msg0000002817, msg0000001633, msg0000002812, msg0000002814, 
msg0000002711, msg0000002815, msg0000002713, msg0000002716, msg0000001772, 
msg0000002811, msg0000001635, msg0000001774, msg0000002515, msg0000002610, 
msg0000001838, msg0000002517, msg0000002612, msg0000002519, msg0000001973, 
msg0000001835, msg0000001974, msg0000002619, msg0000001831, msg0000002510, 
msg0000002512, msg0000002615, msg0000002614, msg0000002617, msg0000002104, 
msg0000002106, msg0000001769, msg0000001768, msg0000002828, msg0000002822, 
msg0000001760, msg0000002820, msg0000001963, msg0000001961, msg0000002110, 
msg0000002118, msg0000002900, msg0000002836, msg0000001757, msg0000002907, 
msg0000001753, msg0000001752, msg0000001755, msg0000001952, msg0000001958, 
msg0000001852, msg0000001956, msg0000001854, msg0000002749, msg0000001608, 
msg0000001609, msg0000002747, msg0000002882, msg0000001743, msg0000002888, 
msg0000001605, msg0000002885, msg0000001487, msg0000001746, msg0000002330, 
msg0000001749, msg0000001488, msg0000001489, msg0000001881, msg0000001491, 
msg0000002890, msg0000001889, msg0000002758, msg0000002241, msg0000002892, 
msg0000002852, msg0000002759, msg0000002898, msg0000002850, msg0000001733, 
msg0000002751, msg0000001739, msg0000002753, msg0000002756, msg0000002332, 
msg0000001872, msg0000002233, msg0000001721, msg0000001627, msg0000001720, 
msg0000001625, msg0000001628, msg0000001629, msg0000001729, msg0000002350, 
msg0000001727, msg0000002352, msg0000001622, msg0000001726, msg0000001623, 
msg0000001723, msg0000001724, msg0000001621, msg0000002736, msg0000002738, 
msg0000002363, msg0000001717, msg0000002878, msg0000002362, msg0000002361, 
msg0000001611, msg0000001894, msg0000002357, msg0000002218, msg0000002358, 
msg0000002355, msg0000001895, msg0000002356, msg0000001898, msg0000002354, 
msg0000001996, msg0000001990, msg0000002093, msg0000002880, msg0000002576, 
msg0000002579, msg0000002267, msg0000002266, msg0000002366, msg0000001901, 
msg0000002365, msg0000001903, msg0000001799, msg0000001906, msg0000002368, 
msg0000001597, msg0000002679, msg0000002166, msg0000001595, msg0000002481, 
msg0000002482, msg0000002373, msg0000002374, msg0000002371, msg0000001599, 
msg0000002773, msg0000002274, msg0000002275, msg0000002270, msg0000002583, 
msg0000002271, msg0000002580, msg0000002067, msg0000002277, msg0000002278, 
msg0000002376, msg0000002180, msg0000002467, msg0000002378, msg0000002182, 
msg0000002377, msg0000002184, msg0000002379, msg0000002187, msg0000002186, 
msg0000002665, msg0000002666, msg0000002381, msg0000002382, msg0000002661, 
msg0000002662, msg0000002663, msg0000002385, msg0000002284, msg0000002766, 
msg0000002282, msg0000002190, msg0000002599, msg0000002054, msg0000002596, 
msg0000002453, msg0000002459, msg0000002457, msg0000002456, msg0000002191, 
msg0000002652, msg0000002395, msg0000002650, msg0000002656, msg0000002655, 
msg0000002189, msg0000002047, msg0000002658, msg0000002659, msg0000002796, 
msg0000002250, msg0000002255, msg0000002589, msg0000002257, msg0000002061, 
msg0000002064, msg0000002585, msg0000002258, msg0000002587, msg0000002444, 
msg0000002446, msg0000002447, msg0000002450, msg0000002646, msg0000001501, 
msg0000002591, msg0000002592, msg0000001503, msg0000001506, msg0000002260, 
msg0000002594, msg0000002262, msg0000002263, msg0000002264, msg0000002590, 
msg0000002132, msg0000002130, msg0000002530, msg0000002931, msg0000001559, 
msg0000001808, msg0000002024, msg0000001553, msg0000002939, msg0000002937, 
msg0000001556, msg0000002935, msg0000002933, msg0000002140, msg0000001937, 
msg0000002143, msg0000002520, msg0000002522, msg0000002429, msg0000002524, 
msg0000002920, msg0000002035, msg0000001561, msg0000002134, msg0000002138, 
msg0000002925, msg0000002151, msg0000002287, msg0000002555, msg0000002010, 
msg0000002002, msg0000002290, msg0000001537, msg0000002005, msg0000002147, 
msg0000002145, msg0000002698, msg0000001592, msg0000001810, msg0000002690, 
msg0000002691, msg0000001911, msg0000001910, msg0000002693, msg0000001812, 
msg0000001817, msg0000001547, msg0000002012, msg0000002015, msg0000002941, 
msg0000001688, msg0000002018, msg0000002684, msg0000002944, msg0000001540, 
msg0000002686, msg0000001541, msg0000002946, msg0000002688, msg0000001584, 

[zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 7] delete 
Node does not exist: 

When I performed the same operations on another node, none of those nodes 

Dr Hao He

XPE - the truly SOA platform


On 11/08/2010, at 4:38 PM, Ted Dunning wrote:

> Can you provide some more information?  The output of some of the four
> letter commands and a transcript of what you are doing would be very
> helpful.
> Also, there is no way for znodes to exist on one node of a properly
> operating ZK cluster and not on either of the other two.  Something has to
> be wrong and I would vote for operator error (not to cast aspersions, it is
> just that humans like you and *me* make more errors than ZK does).
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:32 PM, Dr Hao He <h...@softtouchit.com> wrote:
>> hi, All,
>> I have a 3-host cluster running ZooKeeper 3.2.2.  On one of the hosts,
>> there are a number of nodes that I can "get" and "ls" using zkCli.sh .
>> However, when I tried to "delete" any of them, I got "Node does not exist"
>> error.    Those nodes do not exist on the other two hosts.
>> Any idea how we should handle this type of errors and what might have
>> caused this problem?
>> Dr Hao He
>> XPE - the truly SOA platform
>> h...@softtouchit.com
>> http://softtouchit.com
>> http://itunes.com/apps/Scanmobile

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