HI Dr Hao,
  Can you please post the configuration of all the 3 zookeeper servers? I
suspect it might be misconfigured clusters and they might not belong to the
same ensemble.

Just to be clear:

And other such nodes exist on one of the zookeeper servers and the same node
does not exist on other servers?

Also, as ted pointed out, can you please post the output of echo ³stat² | nc
localhost 2181 (on all the 3 servers) to the list?


On 8/11/10 12:10 AM, "Dr Hao He" <h...@softtouchit.com> wrote:

> hi, Ted,
> Thanks for the reply.  Here is what I did:
> [zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 0] ls
> /xpe/queues/3bd7851e79381ef4bfd1a5857b5e34c04e5159e5/msgs/msg0000002948
> []
> zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 1] ls
> /xpe/queues/3bd7851e79381ef4bfd1a5857b5e34c04e5159e5/msgs
> [msg0000002807, msg0000002700, msg0000002701, msg0000002804, msg0000002704,
> msg0000002706, msg0000002601, msg0000001849, msg0000001847, msg0000002508,
> msg0000002609, msg0000001841, msg0000002607, msg0000002606, msg0000002604,
> msg0000002809, msg0000002817, msg0000001633, msg0000002812, msg0000002814,
> msg0000002711, msg0000002815, msg0000002713, msg0000002716, msg0000001772,
> msg0000002811, msg0000001635, msg0000001774, msg0000002515, msg0000002610,
> msg0000001838, msg0000002517, msg0000002612, msg0000002519, msg0000001973,
> msg0000001835, msg0000001974, msg0000002619, msg0000001831, msg0000002510,
> msg0000002512, msg0000002615, msg0000002614, msg0000002617, msg0000002104,
> msg0000002106, msg0000001769, msg0000001768, msg0000002828, msg0000002822,
> msg0000001760, msg0000002820, msg0000001963, msg0000001961, msg0000002110,
> msg0000002118, msg0000002900, msg0000002836, msg0000001757, msg0000002907,
> msg0000001753, msg0000001752, msg0000001755, msg0000001952, msg0000001958,
> msg0000001852, msg0000001956, msg0000001854, msg0000002749, msg0000001608,
> msg0000001609, msg0000002747, msg0000002882, msg0000001743, msg0000002888,
> msg0000001605, msg0000002885, msg0000001487, msg0000001746, msg0000002330,
> msg0000001749, msg0000001488, msg0000001489, msg0000001881, msg0000001491,
> msg0000002890, msg0000001889, msg0000002758, msg0000002241, msg0000002892,
> msg0000002852, msg0000002759, msg0000002898, msg0000002850, msg0000001733,
> msg0000002751, msg0000001739, msg0000002753, msg0000002756, msg0000002332,
> msg0000001872, msg0000002233, msg0000001721, msg0000001627, msg0000001720,
> msg0000001625, msg0000001628, msg0000001629, msg0000001729, msg0000002350,
> msg0000001727, msg0000002352, msg0000001622, msg0000001726, msg0000001623,
> msg0000001723, msg0000001724, msg0000001621, msg0000002736, msg0000002738,
> msg0000002363, msg0000001717, msg0000002878, msg0000002362, msg0000002361,
> msg0000001611, msg0000001894, msg0000002357, msg0000002218, msg0000002358,
> msg0000002355, msg0000001895, msg0000002356, msg0000001898, msg0000002354,
> msg0000001996, msg0000001990, msg0000002093, msg0000002880, msg0000002576,
> msg0000002579, msg0000002267, msg0000002266, msg0000002366, msg0000001901,
> msg0000002365, msg0000001903, msg0000001799, msg0000001906, msg0000002368,
> msg0000001597, msg0000002679, msg0000002166, msg0000001595, msg0000002481,
> msg0000002482, msg0000002373, msg0000002374, msg0000002371, msg0000001599,
> msg0000002773, msg0000002274, msg0000002275, msg0000002270, msg0000002583,
> msg0000002271, msg0000002580, msg0000002067, msg0000002277, msg0000002278,
> msg0000002376, msg0000002180, msg0000002467, msg0000002378, msg0000002182,
> msg0000002377, msg0000002184, msg0000002379, msg0000002187, msg0000002186,
> msg0000002665, msg0000002666, msg0000002381, msg0000002382, msg0000002661,
> msg0000002662, msg0000002663, msg0000002385, msg0000002284, msg0000002766,
> msg0000002282, msg0000002190, msg0000002599, msg0000002054, msg0000002596,
> msg0000002453, msg0000002459, msg0000002457, msg0000002456, msg0000002191,
> msg0000002652, msg0000002395, msg0000002650, msg0000002656, msg0000002655,
> msg0000002189, msg0000002047, msg0000002658, msg0000002659, msg0000002796,
> msg0000002250, msg0000002255, msg0000002589, msg0000002257, msg0000002061,
> msg0000002064, msg0000002585, msg0000002258, msg0000002587, msg0000002444,
> msg0000002446, msg0000002447, msg0000002450, msg0000002646, msg0000001501,
> msg0000002591, msg0000002592, msg0000001503, msg0000001506, msg0000002260,
> msg0000002594, msg0000002262, msg0000002263, msg0000002264, msg0000002590,
> msg0000002132, msg0000002130, msg0000002530, msg0000002931, msg0000001559,
> msg0000001808, msg0000002024, msg0000001553, msg0000002939, msg0000002937,
> msg0000001556, msg0000002935, msg0000002933, msg0000002140, msg0000001937,
> msg0000002143, msg0000002520, msg0000002522, msg0000002429, msg0000002524,
> msg0000002920, msg0000002035, msg0000001561, msg0000002134, msg0000002138,
> msg0000002925, msg0000002151, msg0000002287, msg0000002555, msg0000002010,
> msg0000002002, msg0000002290, msg0000001537, msg0000002005, msg0000002147,
> msg0000002145, msg0000002698, msg0000001592, msg0000001810, msg0000002690,
> msg0000002691, msg0000001911, msg0000001910, msg0000002693, msg0000001812,
> msg0000001817, msg0000001547, msg0000002012, msg0000002015, msg0000002941,
> msg0000001688, msg0000002018, msg0000002684, msg0000002944, msg0000001540,
> msg0000002686, msg0000001541, msg0000002946, msg0000002688, msg0000001584,
> msg0000002948]
> [zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 7] delete
> /xpe/queues/3bd7851e79381ef4bfd1a5857b5e34c04e5159e5/msgs/msg0000002948
> Node does not exist:
> /xpe/queues/3bd7851e79381ef4bfd1a5857b5e34c04e5159e5/msgs/msg0000002948
> When I performed the same operations on another node, none of those nodes
> existed.
> Dr Hao He
> XPE - the truly SOA platform
> h...@softtouchit.com
> http://softtouchit.com
> http://itunes.com/apps/Scanmobile
> On 11/08/2010, at 4:38 PM, Ted Dunning wrote:
>> Can you provide some more information?  The output of some of the four
>> letter commands and a transcript of what you are doing would be very
>> helpful.
>> Also, there is no way for znodes to exist on one node of a properly
>> operating ZK cluster and not on either of the other two.  Something has to
>> be wrong and I would vote for operator error (not to cast aspersions, it is
>> just that humans like you and *me* make more errors than ZK does).
>> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:32 PM, Dr Hao He <h...@softtouchit.com> wrote:
>>> hi, All,
>>> I have a 3-host cluster running ZooKeeper 3.2.2.  On one of the hosts,
>>> there are a number of nodes that I can "get" and "ls" using zkCli.sh .
>>> However, when I tried to "delete" any of them, I got "Node does not exist"
>>> error.    Those nodes do not exist on the other two hosts.
>>> Any idea how we should handle this type of errors and what might have
>>> caused this problem?
>>> Dr Hao He
>>> XPE - the truly SOA platform
>>> h...@softtouchit.com
>>> http://softtouchit.com
>>> http://itunes.com/apps/Scanmobile

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