Am 26.06.2008 um 15:09 schrieb Flavio Junqueira:

> It looks like your client session is expiring. You can try  
> increasing the session timeout value when creating the ZooKeeper  
> object on your client. In any case, I would say it is good practice  
> to have code on your client to deal with session expirations. Upon a  
> session expiration, there is a call to your Watcher.process  
> implementation indicating that it has expired.

Ok. I will check this.

> Do you also see repeatedly:  "Renewing 11aba706af6001e"? Basically,  
> I'm trying to determine if your client is trying to revalidate a  
> session repeatedly.

No. I see the expiration for different sessions and not for the same  
sorry for not being clear enough.


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