Am 30.06.2008 um 16:32 schrieb Benjamin Reed:

>> The session is expired and I try now to catch this state with
>> event.getState() == Watcher.Event.KeeperStateExpired. Is there an
>> example how to renew the session or do I have to create a new
>> ZooKeeper object?
> When a session expires the ZooKeeper object becomes invalid. You  
> must create a
> new ZooKeeper object.

I have done this. Now I get the following. The zookeeper clients get  
all a seesion expiration event. I create a new zookeeper object.
The zookeeper server gets the event -1,0,'null followed by  
-1,3,'null . Thats all. All other clients have a lot of -1,0,'null  
events in it (about 1 per second) after they created a new zookeeper  
object. Every read or write in the client leads to a ConnectionLoss  

Any help would be appreciated.


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