Chris Withers  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The None issue is a red herring, it's just that we *don't* want to fail
> > even if there are broken indexes. No we don't. We're reindexing what we
> > can find in the catalog. We don't want an exception.
> Yes we do! I really really really want to know if:
> - I have a catalog entry that points to an object that no longer exists. 
> This can ONLY happen due to a bug somewhere and needs to be fixed
> - I have index corruption or other weirdness
> - any of the above are happening, and be able to descriminate between them.
> I honestly can thing of no sane justification for putting that None 
> there. It's tantamount to a bare try except, and without even any logging.

Yes, logging should be there. I'll add a LOG at level WARNING somewhere,
I'm not sure where (after all it's unrestrictedTraverse that does the

> PLEASE provide some sane justification for this, 'cos I'm obviously 
> missing something since you're a bright guy and can't seriously be 
> advocating sweeping unspecified bugs under the carpet...
> > I don't want the users to find that out when they change the local roles
> > somewhere.
> When DO you want them to find out?

The users? Never. The site administrators, that's a different thing.
Logs should be fine, and in 2.8 they can choose to have exceptions
raised -- I'll test GETOBJECT_RAISES too.

> How so? Sidnei would never have seen the traceback if you had swallowed 
> the problem by replacing getObject with unrestrictedTraverse(path,None), 
> he would have had something else weird happen later down the line and 
> have to try and track it back to this action going wrong...

Look, *I* didn't swallow the problem, it's been there forever. I'm
trying to fix things one by one. I agree that logging is necessary. OTOH
we have backward compatibility to deal with, and cannot just suddenly
randomly throw exceptions even if they're legitimate.


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