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Christian Heimes wrote:
yuppie wrote:

That's not fair. You are free to ignore CMF development for years, but you can't make other people pay for that. Upgrading from 1.5.x to the latest 1.5 version has to work without *any* trouble.

I'm sorry but I'm a little bit nervous. I have to get Plone 2.1 up and running on CMF 1.5 until saturday or Plone 2.1 will stay on CMF 1.4.


I have another idea. The patch is attached to this mail. In short terms I have renamed PortalFolder to PortalFolderBase subclassed of Folder and created a new PortalFolder class subclassed from OrderedFolder. PortalFolderBase contains nearly all code from PortalFolder. This way it is easy to subclass from PortalFolderBase w/o ordered support.

class PortalFolderBase(DynamicType, CMFCatalogAware, Folder):

class PortalFolder(PortalFolderBase, OrderedFolder):
    manage_renameObject = OrderedFolder.manage_renameObject.im_func
    tpValues = OrderedFolder.tpValues.im_func

That sounds *much* better :)

But please use OrderSupport instead of OrderedFolder. That makes the inheritance tree much simpler and you don't have to override the methods again:

  class PortalFolder(OrderSupport, PortalFolderBase):



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