I have been working on kupu i18n. This implied i18ning xsl files for the drawer.

XSL files now carry the i18n namespace and should be imported as FSPageTemplate.

However, FSPageTemplate currently removes the extension when building the id. So we cannot simply register .xsl files as FSPageTemplate.

For instance, this would not work for kupu which has both Zope and non Zope uses and would need to keep the .xsl extension for xsl files. Actually, as i18n is in its own namespace, the xsl files remain totally functional when served without being interpreted (they just dont translate).

Duncan has managed to use the .objects file to register a .xsl file as a FSPageTemplate together with its .metadata that includes the keep_extension property.

What would be the right way to avoid this "heavy" mechanism ?

I have nothing against .objects declaration which makes things more explicit ala Zope3 but having to include .metadata files in the sake of keeping extension feels really too much.

Would it make sense to have a FSPageTemplateWithFullName type (to keep backward compat) or a FSXMLPageTemplate or ...

What do you think ?
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