On 13 Nov 2005, at 08:21, Florent Guillaume wrote:
To repost an earlier mail:

The patch I propose to include is:
Could some Plone folks please test that switching to
CMF/branches/efge-1.5-five-compatible instead of CMF/branches/1.5 doesn't cause problems in Plone ? This patch just changes the order of base class for File and Image, and to do the CMFCatalogAware recursion it calls its
base class instead of redoing it by hand.

It *has* to be tested for Plone, as I have no idea what Plone does w.r.t CMFCatalogAware monkey-patching.

Even with this tested and working we still have one big unknown in GenericSetup itself. It looks like no one wants to make any estimate about the point in time when it is considered "done" enough for a 1.6 release branch...


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