Florent Guillaume wrote:
Rob Miller wrote:

Florent Guillaume wrote:

+1 on branching CMF 1.6 soon, with the goal of:
  - dropping support for Zope 2.7
- allowing Five 1.2 events activated to work, even if it doesn't *require* Five 1.2 events
  - be closer to CMF 2.0 w.r.t. setup.

this is perfect for us. there doesn't really need to be any work done to allow the Five 1.2 event support, right? this comes just by virtue of dropping 2.7 support? want to make sure we don't drift too far from tres's proposed scope, to ease maintenance.

To repost an earlier mail:

The patch I propose to include is:

Could some Plone folks please test that switching to
CMF/branches/efge-1.5-five-compatible instead of CMF/branches/1.5 doesn't
cause problems in Plone ? This patch just changes the order of base class
for File and Image, and to do the CMFCatalogAware recursion it calls its
base class instead of redoing it by hand.

d'oh! this is on my (overflowing) list of things to do. alec already provided some info, but i'll install and test this out over the next day or so and report back.


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