CMF 2.0.0-beta uses the current Five traversal behavior to override skin methods with views if views are enabled.

Unfortunately the overriding of skin methods will no longer work if Five's lookup order is changed as proposed here: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/z3-five/2006q1/001186.html

So we need a different solution for the final release of CMF 2.0.0.

Based on the discussion on the Five list I propose this solution:

1.) To become independent of the lookup order views are named different than the corresponding skin methods.

2.) Skins *and* views are always enabled.

3.) A new extension profile hooks up the views instead of the skin methods.

Enabling Five traversal and views by default is a big change so we might need an other beta release.

Some details:

- I'd like to keep the changes the extension profile makes as small as possible. So I don't want to change the visible action targets. All we need are some Method Aliases that point to the views.

- We need new names for the views. I'd like to use @@view.html, @@edit.html and @@properties.html for the views that already exist. I think 'metadata_edit_form' and 'folder_edit_form' are both in fact properties views and 'folder_contents' is just a special edit view. I'd like to use the same names for container views as for content views.

- I don't know why we have metadata_edit_form and full_metadata_edit_form. I'd like to use the full set for @@properties.html.

Any comments are welcome. If there are no objections I'll check in these changes within this week.



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