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yuppie wrote:
> Hi Philipp!
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> yuppie wrote:
>>> Some details:
>>> - I'd like to keep the changes the extension profile makes as small as
>>> possible. So I don't want to change the visible action targets. All we
>>> need are some Method Aliases that point to the views.
>>> - We need new names for the views. I'd like to use @@view.html,
>>> @@edit.html and @@properties.html for the views that already exist.
>> +1 for saner view names. "document_view" or "document_edit_form" is just
>> a lame legacy from the one flat view namespace that portal_skins provide.
> Well. Actually I propose to hide those saner view names for now.
> Changing the visible names using Method Aliases is possible since CMF
> 1.5. That has nothing to do with switching to browser views and should
> be part of a different proposal.
> All I want for now are browser view names that have a good chance to
> become the official visible names some time in the future.
>> By the way, unless you make @@view.html the default view name for
>> documents or whatever (using five:defaultViewable and
>> browser:defaultView), why not call it @@index.html??
> The 'view' view is not always the default view. Image and File have
> download as default. I guess index.html should always be an alias for
> the default view.
> I proposed to use Method Aliases, so the default view would still be set
> in the types tool (or profile XML), not in ZCML.

+1 to your proposal.  +1 to Phillip's suggestion that 'index.html'
should be the name for the default view.

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