yuppie wrote:
> Based on the discussion on the Five list I propose this solution:
> 1.) To become independent of the lookup order views are named different
> than the corresponding skin methods.
> 2.) Skins *and* views are always enabled.
> 3.) A new extension profile hooks up the views instead of the skin methods.

This seems like an elegant solution.

> Enabling Five traversal and views by default is a big change so we might
> need an other beta release.

I would strongly suggest that.

> Some details:
> - I'd like to keep the changes the extension profile makes as small as
> possible. So I don't want to change the visible action targets. All we
> need are some Method Aliases that point to the views.
> - We need new names for the views. I'd like to use @@view.html,
> @@edit.html and @@properties.html for the views that already exist.

+1 for saner view names. "document_view" or "document_edit_form" is just
a lame legacy from the one flat view namespace that portal_skins provide.

By the way, unless you make @@view.html the default view name for
documents or whatever (using five:defaultViewable and
browser:defaultView), why not call it @@index.html??


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