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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
- We need new names for the views. I'd like to use @@view.html, @@edit.html and @@properties.html for the views that already exist. I think 'metadata_edit_form' and 'folder_edit_form' are both in fact properties views and 'folder_contents' is just a special edit view. I'd like to use the same names for container views as for content views.

Love the proposal, hate the "@@" naming. Do we need that? Or is the goal to align better with the Zope 3 way of naming views? I'd like a simple "index.html" or "edit.html" etc much better.

For now I just propose to use the '@@' names internally. The users will still see the old names, the Method Aliases machinery maps them to the new names.

For example this profile XML is for the Document aliases:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="Document">
 <alias from="(Default)" to="@@view.html"/>
 <alias from="view" to="@@view.html"/>
 <alias from="document_view" to="@@view.html"/>
 <alias from="document_edit_form" to="@@edit.html"/>
 <alias from="metadata_edit_form" to="@@properties.html"/>

You could access the edit view with 'edit.html' instead of '@@edit.html', but that has a major drawback: View names are not protected in any way if used without '@@'. You can easily screw up your site by adding content with the ID 'edit.html'.

Names used by Method Aliases are protected *and* Method Aliases are looked up first. So it would be safe to define an 'edit.html' alias for 'document_edit_form' or '@@edit.html'. I actually do that on my sites.

But changing the visible names is not part of my proposal.



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