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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
yuppie wrote:
Some details:

- I'd like to keep the changes the extension profile makes as small as
possible. So I don't want to change the visible action targets. All we
need are some Method Aliases that point to the views.

- We need new names for the views. I'd like to use @@view.html,
@@edit.html and @@properties.html for the views that already exist.

+1 for saner view names. "document_view" or "document_edit_form" is just
a lame legacy from the one flat view namespace that portal_skins provide.

Well. Actually I propose to hide those saner view names for now. Changing the visible names using Method Aliases is possible since CMF 1.5. That has nothing to do with switching to browser views and should be part of a different proposal.

All I want for now are browser view names that have a good chance to become the official visible names some time in the future.

By the way, unless you make @@view.html the default view name for
documents or whatever (using five:defaultViewable and
browser:defaultView), why not call it @@index.html??

The 'view' view is not always the default view. Image and File have download as default. I guess index.html should always be an alias for the default view.

I proposed to use Method Aliases, so the default view would still be set in the types tool (or profile XML), not in ZCML.



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