Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I sent an email about this a couple days ago. Basically, I'm down to one failing unit test in CMFUid and have discovered that CMFUid is basically broken in 2.0/trunk. I also sent an email on this issue to the list, hoping that the developers who wrote CMFUid and lobbied hard to get it included would take notice and do something about it (or at least acknowledge it), but all I see is silence so far.

At least I have found what the problem with CMFUid is, and it is mostly a misunderstanding how it is supposed to work. Mea culpa. I'm still left with the one failing unit test on the events branch, though.

Having such an unknown and unmaintained piece of code in the core of the cmf scares me.

How would people feel about deprecating it for 2.1 and removing it in 2.3 if no-one steps up who wants it?



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