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On 25 Apr 2006, at 15:51, Florent Guillaume wrote:
How would people feel about deprecating it for 2.1 and removing it in 2.3 if no-one steps up who wants it?
Well, I have my own opinion about that, but the course of action depends mostly on those people who are using it. No one seems to, judged by the complete silence.

Grégoire Weber is the one that coded it and included it.

As I have found, it is only used in one specific situations: If you create a Favorite pointing to a piece of content, then that piece gets tagged with a UID, and the UID identifies the content piece for the Favorite. So you can copy/paste/whatever the content and the Favorite still knows how to find it.

Given that it's unmaintained, that Plone has its own UID tool, that CPS does it differently, I'm for deprecating it quickly and slating it for removal earlier than the usual 1 year.

Thanks for speaking up, Florent.

+1 from me.

My proposal would be to add deprecation warnings on the 2.0 branch and trunk and delete it on the trunk as soon as the 2.1 branch has been cut in a few months.

And yes, three separate tools for this one tiny piece of functionality is quite odd.


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