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This proposal is now implemented on CMF and five.localsitemanager trunk. Everything *seems* to work, but maybe I'm missing something. This might be a good time to review and test the changes - any feedback is welcome.

Thanks !


AFAICS, KSS will no longer need the monkey patch if it sets the LookupClass to FiveVerifyingAdapterLookup.



I tried to test your code this evening...

This implied starting to fix Archetypes and Plone to work with all the changes made in CFMCore.interfaces

I must say I stopped when I found out IExtensibleMetadata is now a Z3 interface where code in Archetypes still awaits it to be a Z2 interface.

I am ready to move on if someone can tell me the pattern to migrate calls like

 if not IExtensibleMetadata.isImplementedByInstancesOf(klass) interface

I currently do not know the dance to move from Z2 to Z3 interfaces.

However, I wonder if all the changes needed to run Plone 3 above CMF/trunk won't avoid us to actually test the new code...

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