Previously yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >Previously yuppie wrote:
> >>- The exports created by the new components handler are still flawed, 
> >>ISiteRoot and placeless components are not exported correctly.
> >
> >I'm quite sure I fixed that: I was able to export the components and
> >import them again. Has that been broken since?
> Don't know since when these things are broken, but in the latest code 
> there are these 2 bugs:
> 1.) Exporting the ISiteRoot utility, 'object' should be empty. But I get 
> this instead:
>   <utility interface="Products.CMFCore.interfaces._content.ISiteRoot"
>      object="SITE_ID"/>
> 2.) By placeless components I mean something like this:
>   <utility component="" interface="foo.IBar"/>
> The import works fine, but the export looks like this:
>   <utility factory="foo.Bar" interface="foo.IBar"/>

I'm quite sure I had both of those working last time I touched GS. I'll
poke at them later this week.


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