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On 5 Aug 2007, at 20:15, yuppie wrote:
I'm supposed to do a CMF 2.1.0 release today, but the state of these issues is unclear. Wichert, did you look at it? There are no checkins into either CMF or GS as far as I can see. Export now yields this:
placeless component:
  <utility interface="Products.CMFCore.interfaces._tools.IMetadataTool"

This is not what I would call placeless. My example looks like this:

<utility component="foo.bar" interface="foo.IBar"/>

'foo.bar' is the dotted name of an object in a python module, not in the ZODB. The 'component' feature is not used by the CMF, but GenericSetup claims to support it.

If you're speaking about something that's not even used by the CMF then that won't be a shostopper for the CMF. For GS, IMHO, this is a bit of an esoteric feature. I don't know any place that uses it. If there's a decision to be made between "get the goddamn release out" and "wait until someone figures out this piece in GS" I'll choose the first option.

At least it should be documented somewhere that 'component' support is broken and not ready for use.

the site root:
  <utility interface="Products.CMFCore.interfaces._content.ISiteRoot"
I was able to import a snapshot that contained a componentregistry export of this format, though.

I guess this only works with a site that has the same ID and no sub-object with this ID. Not very reliable and confusing.

Well, I imported it into a site with a different ID. The "Components" tab you provided shows the "old" ID, unfortunately. However, I don't know if that makes a difference in real life or if it's just a cosmetic issue.

It makes a difference: It means ISiteRoot returns the wrong site. This is easy to fix - it was fixed once, but without unit tests that made sure it stayed fixed. Wichert volunteered to have a look at this issue.

Can I go ahead and roll a GS 1.3.1 and then a CMF 2.1.0 using GS 1.3.1 or are there any showstoppers left?

I made a list of things that should be fixed in my opinion. But I can't decide what is a showstopper and what isn't.

If it's not an obvious showstopper I feel it's not worth holding up Wichert. Would you agree?

Wichert is the person who volunteered to work on these issues, so nobody besides himself is holding him up.



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