Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
There's an egg with version 0.3 on the cheeseshop, is that an acceptable version? I simply linked in what I had here from the current CMFCore trunk, but that external is against the five.localsitemanager trunk and the package itself contains no version information whatsoever (documentation foul!).

The CMF 2.1 branch uses the five.lsm 0.3 tag, which is identical to the trunk, except that trunk states it is going to be version 0.4.

On PyPi there are both an egg as well as a source distribution for the 0.3 release.

The CMF trunk currently points to the five.lsm trunk, which doesn't have a version information inside it, as it only uses a part of the actual package. The version information is in the root, whereas CMF only pulls in the src/five/localsitemanager part of it.

Why did we do the above at all? Because we didn't want to require anyone to install a package for the CMF 2.1 line on top of extracting the tarball into the Products folder. For CMF trunk I personally think it is OK, to state a proper dependency in for both CMF and GenericSetup now and remove the five.lsm inclusion hack from CMFCore.


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