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No. As I said: That part is still missing. 'folder_factories' provides the old add procedure, the new alternative for 'File' content is available as action in the menu.

Would it be a good idea to move this to a menu item like object_actions? Got the code for this.

Maybe. Does your code use the type infos or additional actions (attached to the type infos or stored in the actions tool) to get the data? Do your actions provide a way to specify the object id (as possible in folder_factories) or how do you choose the ids?

Okay. Had a quick look your implementation and I think I understand it! 8-) Had trouble with createAndAdd and finishCreate but now I understand them. Shouldn't there be default finishCreate in the ContentAddFormBase so that it's obvious we have to overwrite it? It's taken me such a while to get my head around the ProxyFieldProperty stuff that I've made all my new content stuff work without it but I can see you've used it elegantly. I also understand what you mean about making a menu for this stuff. It would be nice to have some configuration for this so that we don't have to rely on actions such as AddFile, AddImage, etc. Would that be something like listing all views that provide a specific interface?

BTW. got bitten by the five.localsitemanager dependency with my 2.10 install. I've just reread the posts on this and I didn't quite understand them. Things worked fine, of course, when I dropped CMFCore/ src/five into my lib/python folder but I'm guessing this is something that's going to be phased out and that we're expecting users to be able to install the package separately themselves. Is this assumption correct?

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