yuppie wrote:
The lookup is pretty much what I do at the moment. I can't think of an easy way of doing this apart from convention which is pretty much what you suggest with "addFile". I suppose the next thing would be to add support for the '+' syntax and addMenuItem directive?

The IAdding view ('+' syntax) and Zope 3 menus are special code for the Zope 3 app ZMI. I don't plan to add support for that.

FWIW, in Plone we rely on the adding view. If a new style factory is specified in the FTI a view of that name is looked up on the adding view of the container. This is from plone.app.contentmenu.menu.FactoriesSubMenuItem:

addingview = queryMultiAdapter((addContext, self.request), name='+')
if addingview is not None:
addview = queryMultiAdapter((addingview, self.request), name=fti.factory)
    if addview is not None:
        return '%s/+/%s' % (baseUrl, fti.factory,)

We don't make any use of the Zope 3 menu directives.


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