Charlie Clark wrote:
Okay. Had a quick look your implementation and I think I understand it! 8-)
Had trouble with createAndAdd and finishCreate but now I understand them. Shouldn't there be default finishCreate in the ContentAddFormBase so that it's obvious we have to overwrite it?

I simplified the code in ContentAddFormBase.create and moved it to the add view. 'finishCreate' no longer exists, your add view has to implement the complete 'create' method. Formlib raises an NotImplementedError if 'create' is missing.

This requires a few more lines of code in add views for real IDynamicType content. If you hardcode factory and portal_type in the view, the code becomes much simpler. And if the __init__ method of your content type handles unicode and datetime correctly, 'create' can be a single line.

It's taken me such a while to get my head around the ProxyFieldProperty stuff that I've made all my new content stuff work without it but I can see you've used it elegantly.

You should not use that stuff if you don't need it. Schema adapters and ProxyFieldProperty are just legacy code for old content types.

I also understand what you mean about making a menu for this stuff. It would be nice to have some configuration for this so that we don't have to rely on actions such as AddFile, AddImage, etc. Would that be something like listing all views that provide a specific interface?

No. The view registrations don't provide enough information and I'd like to keep this configurable TTW.

We can look up the addable types in the types tool as folder_factories and Plone do. But in that case we need a way to get the URL of the add view.



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