Maurits van Rees wrote:
Raphael Ritz, on 2008-05-29:
Not sure whether that's following best practice but here is
how paster/zopeskel generate this at the moment (this is taken
from a custom add-on I'm currently working on):

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/dev/paster/incf.applications/trunk$ ls
docs  incf  incf.applications.egg-info  README.txt  setup.cfg

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/dev/paster/incf.applications/trunk$ ls docs

How do others handle this?

I can understand putting the HISTORY in the toplevel docs/ directory
of a package.

Btw, the convention is CHANGES.txt. See [1].

But personally I like having it inside the "main"
folder, so in your example above it would be

There's some benefit to that because it'll be part of the egg.

That way when changing a file in the main directory and you want to
change the history you do not need to descend three directories and go
to docs/ to change that.

One of the directories is largely superfluous: src. I think the only reason we have it is so that '' isn't on the PYTHONPATH. Or something.

And in bundles with svn externals the top level docs/ directory is not
even visible because you only include the main folder.  So you miss
the history file (and the README.txt if you keep that in docs/ as

I think a docs folder adds unnecessary structure in many cases.

I remember that at least once I changed something in a plone package
inside a bundle, Wichert asked me to update the history file and I
ended up wrongly updating the history file of CMFPlone because I never
even saw the real history file belonging to that package. :-)

That's because bundles are stupid :)


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