Wichert Akkerman, on 2008-05-29:
> Previously Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> >But personally I like having it inside the "main"
>> >folder, so in your example above it would be
>> >incf.applications/incf/applications/HISTORY.txt 
>> There's some benefit to that because it'll be part of the egg.
> You probably want to use a MANIFEST.in anyway and that can easily be
> used to include everything in doc/ or other places.

A 'python setup.py sdist' will include the docs directory, as long as
it is in subversion (and has at least one file in it).  Aha, when you
create an sdist in a subversion export (instead of a checkout) then
the docs dir does not get included.  Probably because setup.py does
not point to it.

With 'bdist_egg' the docs dir is indeed never included, unless you
have it in MANIFEST.in.  But I'm trying to avoid creating binary eggs
at the moment.

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