Wichert Akkerman, on 2008-05-29:
> I'm not sure what you mean. The basic algorihm is:
> - MANIFEST is used to determine what is installed, or
> - subversion workingcopy information is used to determine what is installed, 
> or
> - a default ruleset is used
> This algorithm is used at the moment a 'binary installation' is made,
> which is either when you build an egg using setup.py bdist_egg or when
> you install an egg from source (ie from a sdist or an unpacked tree).

I think we mean the same. :-) I was not sure whether you were implying
that there is a difference between a bdist_egg and an sdist that is
easy installed.  Apparently you agree that there is no difference,
with or without a MANIFEST.in.

Well, there is the point of C extensions perhaps, where at least for
Windows users a compiled, windows-specific binary egg is good to
have.  For all other use cases an sdist is fine.  At least that seems
to be the current train of throught in the Grokiverse.

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